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Deluxe Family Hut

The spacious 20m² eco-friendly Deluxe Family Hut is built in the traditional native Philippine Asian style and offers a unique holiday experience blending in perfectly with the serene natural jungle surroundings.

Deluxe Sea View Tent

With a stunning view overlooking the sea, our Deluxe double room tent is the perfect camping spot to chill and escape from stressful everyday life.

Deluxe Double Hut

The eco-friendly Deluxe Double Hut is built in the traditional native Philippine Asian style and offers a unique holiday experience blending in perfectly with the serene natural jungle surroundings.

Welcome to TentStar Eco Resort, where palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, and the only decision you’ll need to make is whether to lounge by the pool or swing in a hammock. Nestled just outside the laid-back paradise of Port Barton, Palawan, this little haven is your ticket to an unforgettable eco-friendly adventure!

Picture this: you, a chilled coconut in hand, soaking up the sun by our refreshing swimming pool. Yes, we’ve got WiFi – because, hey, even eco-conscious backpackers need to post envy-inducing pictures of their island escapades. Oh, did we mention the bar-restaurant serving up mouthwatering Filipino delicacies? Get ready for a flavor explosion that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

Now, let’s talk accommodation. Whether you’re rocking the solo traveler vibe, teaming up with a buddy, or settling in with the whole family, we’ve got you covered. Our “family hut” is perfect for those who like to keep the squad close, the “double hut” for duos who want their own cozy space, and our tents – the epitome of glamping goals. Choose your style, and let the island vibes sink in.

Why Port Barton?

Why Port Barton, you ask? Well, while Puerto Princesa, San Vicente, and El Nido might steal the limelight, Port Barton is like that hidden gem you stumble upon while wandering off the beaten path. It’s the kind of place where time slows down, and each sunset feels like a masterpiece painted just for you.


Now, let’s get real about Palawan’s eco-cred. The island isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a champion for sustainable travel. And guess what? So are we! TentStar Eco Resort is all about keeping it green. From solar panels powering our little slice of paradise to waste reduction initiatives, we’re making sure your stay leaves a positive footprint – or should we say, flip-flop print – on this breathtaking island.

So, pack your bags, grab your eco-friendly sunscreen, and join us at TentStar Eco Resort. Get ready for a Palawan adventure where relaxation, good vibes, and a touch of eco-conscious living collide. See you under the coconut trees!

Rent whole resort!

Rent the entire resort for your special events, the resort can host up to 22 guests for overnight stay. The resort has a restaurant, a natural swimming pool and a lot of onsite activities such as archery, karaoke, table tennis, badminton, BBQ’s, music, board games and more.

Many on and off site activities

Archery, Island Hopping, Bonfires, Snorkelling, Barbecues, Trekking, Scuba Diving, Eco-Projects, Board Games, Cultural events and more..


Explore the Tentstar Hills, nearby waterfalls and surroundings, Port Barton is a great place for trekking in the jungle.

Just You & Nature

Looking for a manicure, pedicure or relaxing oil massage, contact our reception to book your treatments.

Eco Shop

Our Eco Shop offers a wide range of products such as souvenirs, drinks, snacks, food, mosquito repellents and outdoor camping equipment.

Go Self-Powered

TentStar Eco Resort is all about self-sustainability. We provide all you need to get powered from the sun to recharge mobile phones, batteries and led-lanterns.


Whether you’re curious to discover the local traditional dishes or prefer your familiar classics, the TentStar kitchen is here to serve you, while you’re enjoying the chilly terrace vibes along the pool.

Swimming Pool

Relax and cool down in our beautiful natural looking swimming pool, this eco-friendly pool does not contain any chemicals such as chlorine, and is specifically designed with natural bio-filters and water pumps to keep the water clean and safe for swimming.

tentstar gallery

Enjoy and join the handful of guests who already sent their best photographic memories of their stay.


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Tentstar Eco Resort
Bonefacio Street, Port Barton
5309 Palawan, Philippines

Tel.: +63 916 882 9110